My work lifts form and process from natural materials. It mimics anatomy and figure in furniture. The objects that people live with should be informed by how they live. Take negative space from the lines of the human body, and translate it into a positive space to support that body. An object created in this way, the user is invited into the space, and its function is instinctively understood.

My work is process driven. As I am taught to manipulate new materials, they are added to my visual and physical vocabulary. By combining materials and techniques, and breaking the rules wherever possible, I try to push my work to the limit of its materials. A chair strong enough to hold, but made of pencil thin parts, or a strip of wood stretched to just before its breaking point. Often, materials will break. This is as valuable if not more so in pushing them further.

The forms take on a fragile but inviting look. I create gallery furniture for the modern home. Through the lens of figurative study, I am exploring the properties of materials and ergonomics.
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